Customer Testimonials

“Incredible Filtration System! Couldn’t believe it!”

“I’m very very satisfied with the bio filter/ u.v. sterilizer that you installed in my pond. Out of frustration with my pond not being clear enough and constantly having to clean the filter system that it had, I went on the Internet looking for help!!! That’s when I saw your web page and called you. At first I was skeptical that the pond could be so clean, that’s why I asked you to see some of the work you had done and we went to your customers house in Pinecrest. I remember the house with the pond in the front, it was so clear that I knew I hit the jackpot with your system. I don’t have enough words to explain how happy I am with this system and the most important thing for me is that it takes ten minutes or less to clean it!!! No maintenance to the filter whatsoever!! If you ever need to show a future customer of yours the filter system fell free to call me and I’ll be more than happy to show it to them. Hey, it worked for me!!”

Willie G. Miami, Bird Area

“My koi were suffering and Pond Doctors came to the rescue”

“Dr Jeff saved my collection of mature koi recently with immediate response, diagnosis and treatment. He is knowledgeable, communicative, and accessible.”

Rob Brown, Miami Beach

“My maintenance company was not doing the job and I was frustrated so I called Pond Doctors”

“I was having a great deal of difficulty with my koi ponds. Fish dying, or very inactive fish, unclear water, and a fishy odor. All this while I was paying a service $160.00 a month to maintain my ponds. I called Dr. Jeff from Pond Doctors. Jeff diagnosed the problem installed a proper filtration system and additional aerators and now the pond looks great and the fish are happy. Since I can backwash these filters myself I also have the added bonus of saving the $160.00 a month which will pay for the filtration system in a little over one year.”

Toby Riccio, Pinecrest

“I was building a new pond and Dr Jeff was there, start to finish”

“My experience with Pond Doctors was fantastic! He actually helped me design my 20′ X 25′ pond and outfitted me with the proper sized bio filter, UV sterilizer, pump and skimmers. I really didn’t know what I was doing when I started. Thankfully I contacted him during the dig out phase or I would have had such a disaster on my hands! With his help, we designed a system with jets and an underwater light (much like a swimming pool) and paired it all with the proper equipment to maintain such a large pond. The pond is over 15,000 gallons and requires almost no maintenance! I now have over 50 fish- some of the koi are almost 2.5 feet long- and the water is always clear and perfect. Dr Jeff is not only good at what he does, he is also passionate about it. He’s always just a phone call away if I need anything!”

Cory Oltz , Miami (

”I could never see my fish, until Dr. Jeff was referred to me”

“Dear friends with fish ponds! Dr. Jeff is the Best! Our ponds stay clean, our fish are happy and I am ecstatic!” He came out to do an evaluation the very next day after I called. The new filtration system, energy efficient water pump and UV sterilizer work great with minimal maintenance. I highly recommend him.”

Carol and Ed Williamson, Coral Gables (

“Never had a clear pond and tried everything when someone recommended Dr Murray”

“After weeks of fighting my pond bad health (cloudy water inefficient filtering) myself, I decided to call the Pond Doctor. Jeff came a punctually, quickly diagnosed the ailments, prescribed the cure, executed the necessary work in person and afterward kept in contact, daily, to ensure the total cure of the patient. First class knowledge, first class service.”

JLD , Coral Gables

“The fish were suffocating from lack of oxygen, then I called”

“We were in a state of panic as most of our beautiful fish were dying before our eyes due to extreme mismanagement by our present pond person. A friend went quickly online on his phone and found Dr. Jeff who came all the way up from Miami Beach to Hollywood in an instant to save our remaining fish. His “diagnosis” was immediate and right on– within minutes the oxygen level had risen to an acceptable level. Since our motor was shot, he kept the pond going with aerators and referred us to a great Pond Person in our area with whom we are extremely happy. Doc., you saved the day (and the fish) not to mention the great information on the butterflies in my yard and how to have more of them. “

Judy and Larry Wiener, Hollywood

“My pond was a maintenance nightmare until I hired Dr. Jeff”

“I recently hired Dr. Jeff Murray of Pond Doctors to change my existing filtration system to one that would be more efficient. What I ended up with was beyond my expectations. Dr. Murray re-did everything I had and improved it 500 percent. The results are phenomenal. It dramatically reduced my time and effort needed to maintained it. My pond looks magnificent with crystal clear water and it is cost efficient. Additionally, he did all the work in one day. It was a pleasure to work with him and was impressed with such a high level of professionalism.”

Dr. Sonia Cohen, Aventura

“My fish were slowly dying until Dr. Jeff….”

“Dr. Jeff saved our koi fish when nothing else was working. His responsiveness and understanding of fish and exotic animals is unique.”

MP, Miami Beach

“Newly introduced fish infected my pond and my fish were dying when I called…”

“I have a natural 5,500 gallon pond with koi and African cichlids. When my pond was suddenly infested with a pathogen that was killing my prized fish, Dr. Jeff immediately came to the rescue. The Pond Doctor not only saved the majority of my fishes, but was instrumental in the installation of a new filtration system that now keeps my pond crystal clear and free of diseases. When you have pond problems, Dr. Jeff is the way to go.”

Vince DelaVega, Kendall (

“My filtration system needed an upgrade and I saw Dr Jeff’s cool truck so I called….”

“The pond is looking great and I definitely see a difference in my electric bill since he installed an energy efficient pump!”

K. Magalie Apollon, M.D., F.A.C.O.G, Miami