Who We Are

Hi, My name is Dr. Jeff Murray

My education, training, and experiences have provided a solid base for my mastery of water chemistry and pond health. While practicing the surgical correction of foot and ankle deformities, I paid particular attention to the treatment of infectious diseases (bacterial, fungal, and viral) – illnesses that a pond doctor unfortunately often confronts. I always  wondered who would diagnose and treat pond ailments of people who didn’t have my health background. So, I created Pond Doctors, your water garden professionals!

Pond Doctors specializes in all water garden issues at both residential and commercial sites. An initial visit will incorporate a thorough inspection and assessment of filtration, water circulation, and the mechanics of the pond. The fish, plants, and any other aquatic life are observed for any unusual or abnormal behavior. A physical examination of the pond and its inhabitants may be appropriate to reveal symptoms of environmental problems.


Hi, My name is Jen Wheeler

Pond Doctors Manager Jen Wheeler has the experience in Freshwater Ecosystems to get your pond up and running healthily in no time. After graduating high school, Jen joined the United States Navy as an Aviation Electronics Technician. She served all over the US and Japan. After four years of service and an Honorable Discharge, she decided to go to college and pursue marine biology as a career. A native of northern California, Jen went home to attend College of the Redwoods and graduating Magna Cum Laude with an Associate of Science Degree in University Studies, then majoring in Marine Biology at Humboldt State University. Jen relocated to Miami to work with and care for marine aquatic animals at Miami Seaquarium. She is a health centered individual who can be often found informing those around her on the benefits of natural medicine and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  After three and a half years experience working at the Seaquarium and two years working at Zoo Miami with a vast background in animal care, she is just the person to call when you want your animals to survive and thrive.

  • In 2015 I have attended Aquascapes Online Academy!
  • If you need a Pond, Pondless waterfall, Water Feature, or a Fountain installed give us a call. I would be glad to build one designed just for you!